Social Media

The twisted path of social media attribution

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The other day, I happened to notice a Facebook post from a friend: “Taking a trip to Quebec this summer. Looking for recommendations about places to go/stay.” I haven’t seen this friend in a while. Like, it’s probably been 20…

Why aren’t your employees driving your content creation?

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I know what my clients think when I suggest that they have their employees write blog posts or whitepapers or post an industry-related opinion piece on their LinkedIn profile: “Yeah, right. If I could get these guys to string together…

7 practical reasons your SMB should be on Twitter

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Yes, Twitter is probably a good idea as part of your marketing strategy. First, my Twitter bona fides: I have been managing Twitter accounts for clients (yes, for money) since 2009 and I have┬áhad my own Twitter account since 2010….