Total perspective vortex: One second of social media

It’s no wonder you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by social media

I came across this infographic today, outlining just how much information is uploaded, shared or transacted on social (and social-related) media every single second, and the first thing that came to mind was the Total Perspective Vortex from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

In the words of Wikipedia:  

“The machine produces a virtual reality model of the entire universe by means of the axiom that any piece of matter is affected by all other matter. The Vortex reconstructs the universe through computer processing of a high-resolution scan (“extrapolated matter analysis”) of a piece of fairy cake. When you are put into the Vortex you are given just one momentary glimpse of the entire unimaginable infinity of creation, and somewhere in it a tiny little mark, a microscopic dot on a microscopic dot, which says, ‘You are here.'”

And when you are forced, suddenly, to grasp the impossible hugeness of the universe and your own, infinitesimally small part within it, your mind explodes.

It is “…allegedly the most horrible torture device to which a sentient being can be subjected.”

In other words, I know it can be difficult to think about just how much stuff (information, photos, opinions, websites, likes, transactions, pingbacks, videos, songs – etc.) is being uploaded to Teh Interwebs every second of every minute of day, but sometimes we just have to look it in the face and decide that it’s going to make us try harder to be relevant.

And that is my motivational advice for the day.

information data uploaded to the internet every second

I found this great infographic here.