Digital Advertising by the Numbers [infographic]

Online advertising facts, in an easy-to-read diagram

I don’t know what’s happened to me, but in the past few months I’ve become fascinated with infographics. I’m tempted to blame it on the sentience-sucking phenomenon known as ‘Staying at Home With a Toddler’, but I think that’s only part of the problem.  The truth is that these days I spend an awful lot of time writing content for other people/brands, and when you’ve spent the day writing 2500 words on bedbugs plus another 1500 on syndicate mortgages, pictures just seem a lot more appealing than prose.

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So today I give you another infographic that I found appealing:  ‘Digital Advertising by the Numbers’, by SayDaily.  I don’t have a lot to say about it – I think it speaks for itself. Though I do encourage you to look at the $3.6 billion spent on video ads.  Everyone thinks that no one watches them, but in fact if you can get your message across in the first 5 seconds, they’re more powerful than you realize.


digital advertising by the numbers sarah welstead