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11 things you need to know about your business before you start paying for marketing

Posted April 22, 2016


You know you need some marketing.  But where do you start?   For small-but-fast-growing companies in the B2B space – which is mostly where I work these days – marketing is often a leap of faith. You know you need…

More tips from the seamy underbelly of Twitter

Posted February 10, 2016


Twitter will make you crazy if you aren’t careful I think Twitter can be both useful and even fun: It’s a great way to find out about breaking news, it’s a good way to quickly connect with people who are…

Growing up in advertising: All age groups required

Posted January 5, 2016

Your perspective changes over time. So does your insight. Exhibit 1 I was a newly-minted Account Director in yet another ‘brainstorming’ meeting with a client, whose key goal for the coming year was to sell more cans of bug-killing spray than any…

Tips from the seamy underbelly of Twitter (mostly for SMBs)

Posted December 4, 2015


Things the ‘social media gurus’ won’t tell you The other day I wrote about why almost all small- and mid-sized businesses should have a Twitter presence. But let’s face it: The world didn’t need another blog post about why Twitter’s so…

That feeling when you find a rug that looks like your website

Posted November 29, 2015

Because colours look better when they’re all together Saw this today. Bought it immediately. My home is happier.