The pragmatist’s guide to Twitter accounts [infographic]


Yeah, it’s been a hot minute. Most of the time I feel like the Plato’s chair of that cobbler’s children thing: I churn out all kinds of content for other people, all day long, and yet my own blog sits…

More tips from the seamy underbelly of Twitter


Twitter will make you crazy if you aren’t careful I think Twitter can be both useful and even fun: It’s a great way to find out about breaking news, it’s a good way to quickly connect with people who are…

Tips from the seamy underbelly of Twitter (mostly for SMBs)


Things the ‘social media gurus’ won’t tell you The other day I wrote about why almost all small- and mid-sized businesses¬†should have a Twitter presence. But let’s face it: The world didn’t need another blog post about why Twitter’s so…

7 practical reasons your SMB should be on Twitter

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Yes, Twitter is probably a good idea as part of your marketing strategy. First, my Twitter bona fides: I have been managing Twitter accounts for clients (yes, for money) since 2009 and I have¬†had my own Twitter account since 2010….