Monthly Archives: November 2015

That feeling when you find a rug that looks like your website

Because colours look better when they’re all together Saw this today. Bought it immediately. My home is happier.

UK Christmas ads: Sainsbury’s ‘Mog’ is fantastic

The first in the year’s great Christmas ads Maybe it started with department store John Lewis’ ‘Shadow’ Christmas ad in 2007, or maybe the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special, or maybe a tough economy is fueling the need for more ‘feel good’ marketing,…

Reviews and business success: Quality or quantity?

Reviews are important. Should you get obsessive about them? The other day, a client called me up in a panic. “Someone left us a bad review on Google!” she cried. “We need to get that taken down right now! It’s…

7 practical reasons your SMB should be on Twitter

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Yes, Twitter is probably a good idea as part of your marketing strategy. First, my Twitter bona fides: I have been managing Twitter accounts for clients (yes, for money) since 2009 and I have had my own Twitter account since 2010….