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Classic commercial: Kraft, 1982

Not sure how Kraft got away with this one without an immediate lawsuit from Devo – it’s longer than a normal spot, so maybe it was an internal sales video that somehow went rogue.  But it’s awesome.

6 blogging tips for people who kind of hate writing


I know you have great ideas. But they’re not doing much, just sitting there in your head. You know you need a blog, or some kind of regularly updated content.  The problem is, you hate writing – well, maybe ‘hate’…

IAYNS: DAKS ad with Paul and Leah Weller

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Interesting ads you’ve never seen: I’m a sucker for Paul Weller Fell down a rabbit hole tonight, which started with Noel Fielding and somehow ended up at this ad for DAKS (a brand I feel I should probably have been familiar with,…